Anthony J. Allgeier III


Anthony has a background in substance use treatment, music, education, and social work. In substance use treatment, Anthony has years of experience leading groups and working with individuals toward achieving lasting addiction recovery that is meaningful, purposeful, and joyful. Anthony is a Certified Social Worker (CSW) who holds a Master of Social Work from Campbellsville University.  He also holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of North Texas and believes that music has the power to unlock hearts, open minds, and change worlds. Anthony has taught children, college students, and adults in a variety of settings in subjects including music, algebra, and cognitive training. Anthony currently does therapy with individuals, families, couples, and groups, and leads sessions with our Addiction Day Program. Throughout his career, Anthony has been consistent in his passion, determination, and love for serving others. Anthony’s twin goals are to reduce suffering and increase thriving for those he is blessed to serve. He believes that we all seek deeper meaning, purpose, and clarity in life, and that therapy is a beautiful way to seek a more awakened, satisfying, meaningful, and joyful life.